Who is the program intended for?

EmotiPlay was developed for children aged 4–10. In our experience, older children can also benefit from the program. How does one know if the program is appropriate for a particular child? Just try it out!

The program is aimed at high functioning and medium-high-functioning children. No technical skills are required nor any reading/writing skills, since the child works together with an adult mediator.

Of course. Parents can use the program in order to enhance emotional communication with their child and to advance the child’s social skills. And it may also strengthen the parent-child relationship. Read more…

Absolutely. Children can work with the EmotiPlay program in school, in a clinic or in any other framework and the adult mediator can be a therapist, caregiver, teacher or coach. Read more…

How does one work with the EmotiPlay program?

Certainly. Apart from the existing version which is meant for one-on-one learning, a version will soon be released with extensions for group work.

Research into the effectiveness of the learning content for emotion recognition and understanding found that after only ten weeks of interaction with the program at a pace of an hour or two per week there was a statistically significant difference between the group that had covered the material and a control group.

However, every child has their own pace, preferences and abilities, and these factors—along with others—may affect their progress. We recommend being attentive to the needs of both the child and the adult and to adjust the pace accordingly.

Yes! Our platform supports most types of devices: computers, tablets, ipads and smartphones, with the goal of providing accessibility and convenience in every space of the child’s everyday life and in the various environments in which he is expected to function. You can work with the program anytime and anywhere!

Teamwork and interpersonal interaction are at the core of the program! The minimal team is the child and an adult mediator but it is possible and even recommended to involve other people from the child’s environment, such as siblings, grandparents and friends, whether on a regular basis or only occasionally.

Trying out the program and becoming a subscriber

Yes. After a short registration process, you can enjoy a two-week trial at no cost. Register here for your free trial!

Registration will allow the program to record your progress and your outputs if you decide to purchase a subscription later on. The registration does not constitute an obligation on your part and your details will not be used for any other purpose.

You will be informed of the price in your country on completing the short registration process. It will appear in your local currency.

A subscription to the program includes access to the innovative EmotiPlay platform for social learning, as well as research-based content in the emotion identification course. The material will be updated from time to time, which will add emotions, activities and advanced material to the program.

Subscriptions are available for one month, 6 months (with one free month) or 12 months (with two free months).

Yes. You can see the relevant discount (for example, for a family who is interested in working with more than one child) on completing the registration process by typing in the desired number of subscriptions.