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Information for Parents

Camp Exploration: It's all about emotions! Improve your child's social skills

Does your child have difficulty dealing with social situations? Do you feel that he or she is not like other children in interpreting the emotions and actions of the people around them and in responding to them? Scientific research has shown that children with autism may be impaired in the ability to decipher emotional clues from the facial expressions, tones of voice and body language of others, as well as broadcasting their own emotions. As a result, their communication with the people in their environment may be inefficient and frustrating, possibly leading to undesirable emotions and outcomes. Camp Exploration is an effective way to change this situation and to help your child learn about emotions in a systematic yet enjoyable way.

The clinical trials' results show: It actually works!

Camp Exploration was evaluated by an international team of leading researchers. Clinical trials were carried out with more than 100 children in 4 different countries in order to evaluate the system’s usability and effectiveness. Read about the research leading to the development of Camp Exploration and the tests that evaluated the system >>

The benefits of a computerized environment for a child with autism

  • Children with ASC love to play with computers, just like any other children, and most of them prefer this activity over any other.
  • As a rule-based, predictable system, the computerized environment is especially suitable for children with ASC.
  • A computer is always ready for action! It is never too busy to play, too tired to repeat the same activity all over again, or too distracted to track the child's achievements and progress.
  • A computerized learning program provides an individualized experience, allowing each child to progress at his own pace and to develop his individual strengths and abilities.


Train the robots: Click on the robots who correctly identify the emotion expressed in the body language clips.